1st YEAR

1-   How to pray Salat

2-   Invocations of  Salat and these meanings

3-   Some  Mathur invocations

4-    How to make Wadhu and Ghusl

5-   Islamic Adab (in eating, drinking and sleeping etc.)



1-   Nazirah  (reciting by seeing )Qur’an (part 30,29)

2-    Hifz(learning by heart)20 chapters from part 30 with Makharij

3-   Some invocations and these meanings

4-   Some Urdu taqareers 

5-   How to write Arabic (exercises)



1-Nazirah (reciting by seeing) Qur’an completely and part 30 learn by heart

2-Matur invocations (fotress)

3-Daily uses 300 Arabic words, meaning

4- How to deliver Taqreers and assignment (h.w.) exercises

5-Islamic history, culture lightly  and Taqreers


1-Hifz (learning by heart) Qur’an part 30 complete and half from part29

2-Basic Arabic grammar and 500 Arabic words, meanings

3-Taqreers in Urdu and English (10)

4- Translation Arabic into English, English into Arabic (H.W.)

5-Mathur invocations, Al-Ahadees An-Nabviyah and meaings 50

6-   Islamic history and culture


1-Hifz (learning by heart) Qur’an part 30, 29 completely

2-Basic Arabic grammar, 600 Arabic words, meanings

3-Translation  (Arabic into English, English into Arabic) (H.W.)

4-Taqreers in Urdu and English (15)

5-Invocations with meanings

6-As-Seerah An-Nabviyah, Islamic history, culture