A full time Aalim is employed to teach Islamic Studies to the children. We have now introduced a Syllabus that is followed for teaching our children. Please refer to the Syllabus page of this website for our full curriculum.

All students basically learn the following:

Surah, Surah meaning word by word, Dua’s and their meaning, Hadith, Takreer, Arabic Words, Urdu reading & writing, Nazams, Khutba, Arabic conversations and Quran reading.

All students receive secular education. This is compulsory as per the Government directive for free education for all children. They attend Lautoka Muslim Primary School and Lautoka Muslim College.

Most students who have undergone the Madarsa Dar Us Salam System are turning out to be better figures in society. It is a fact that most students come from poor background, some even from broken families, some have only one parent living. We should be thankful to ALLAH that He has given us the opportunity to serve these underprivileged children. Bearing in mind the background of the students, Madarsa Dar Us Salam has managed to produce boy students with sound Islamic knowledge.

Mohammned Iliaz is able to lead Jumma prayers when required. A few other boys are also able to lead Tarawih prayers.

The Management of MDUS tries its best for the boys. A Natabua High Student, Adil Karim was paid to teach the boys in the school holidays last year. He concentrated on the weak students driving the basics of English language and mathematics to the boys. InShaALLAH we are actively taking steps to further enhance student education.



Two Students of Madarsa Dar Us Salam Lovu Lautoka Fiji, pictured above have progressed into The Islamic University of Almadinah Almunawarah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The students are Mosheef Dean and Mohammed Shamim Hanif. We all must pray to ALLAH SWT to give them success in their studies.

The two boys from the Madarsa come from very poor background. Ironically both are also from split families. I vividly remember picking Mosheef after school holidays in 2006 from his grandma’s place. The house was constructed from cut-open 44 gallon drums. There was no window in the house and the floor was bare soil.

It is through the Mercy and Blessing of ALLAH SWT that such boys enrol into Madarsa’s to give us chance to serve humanity. All praise is to ALLAH Alone.

Mohammed was in the Madarsa from 2003 and Mosheef from 2006. Both simultaneously completed form 7 at Lautoka Muslim College in 2009. In 2010 Mosheef had undertaken a High School teacher Training Course at FNU (sponsored by Madarsa Dar Us Salam) but upon the news of acceptance at the Medina Uni, he left the Teacher course for a Scholar one.

After fulfilling all requirements and running around in 2010, they left for Saudi Arabia on 14th February 2011. Madarsa Dar Us Salam conveys heartfelt appreciation and thanks to everyone who in some way or another helped see Mosheef and Mohammed progress from Madarsa Dar Us Salam to The Islamic University of Almadinah Almunawarah, May ALLAH bless you and reward you for this. Ameen.