About us

The Madrasa is home to 15 full time students who are orphans or come from very poor families. They are provided full accommodation, meals, primary & secondary schooling, Islamic education and all their daily needs.

cropped-690_1madrasa.jpgAll are underprivileged; some just have one parent whereas some are orphans. Due to their poor background, it would be very difficult and costly for most MDUS students to pursue education if they were not guided to the Madarsa. All praise is only due to Allah.

MDUS ensures that such students receive primary and secondary level school education.

The Madarsa teaches culturally-appropriate practices. Effective services actively engage young people, providing them with life skills training, proper education and access to health services. The programmes offered are responsive to cultural values and beliefs, and form positive relationships with young people and their communities. The following are available to the disadvantage youths that we cater for:

  • A large net of social support from wider family, teachers, school, workplace, youth organisations (from Australia and NZ) and leaders.
  • Parenting that combines warmth with clear limits and firm consequences.
  • Safe, supportive neighbourhood.
  • Mainly law-abiding friends with positive interests.
  • Thinking skills, including problem solving and seeing things from others’ perspectives.
  • Positive social interactions with other people.
  • Meaningful employment and opportunities for advanced qualifications.
  • Faith that life has meaning, optimism, aspirations, hopes and plans for the future.